Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books that Have Been On my Shelves Forever & Haven’t Read


Oh hey hey hey!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  For anyone who isn’t aware, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and each week has a different topic.  This week is actually a FREEBIE week, where you can make up your own topic, or do a topic that you’ve missed in the past.  TTT has been around for MUCH longer than I’ve been blogging, so I wanted to pick up a topic from the past, hence – Top 10 Books that Have Been On My Shelves Forever & Haven’t Read.  This gives me a chance to briefly talk about a few of the books I haven’t mentioned lately (if at all), so I’m all about it.  Let’s just jump into it!


  1. A Deeper Love Inside – Sister Souljah:  This is the sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever, a book that I read and LOVED in high school.  I think I’ve been afraid of a letdown in the sequel, but I definitely want to get to this soon, if only as an excuse to re-read The Coldest Winter Ever.
  2. The Perks of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky:  I committed the cardinal sin here and watched the movie before reading  the book.  I loved the movie, and have been promised by several people that I will enjoy the book too, so I’m looking forward to it!
  3. Quiet – Susan Cain:  This is a non-fiction book about the power of introverts.  As a self-proclaimed introvert, it can sometimes seem like the world isn’t set up for us to thrive, and this book addresses that and gives introverts some insight into the power that they can have.  I have started this book, but am only about 50 pgs. in, so it’s about time for me to pick this back up!
  4. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins:  This is a book that I have on my PopSugar Reading Challenge List, so I will probably get to it soon, but I’ve had it on my Kindle since it first became a big deal, but I haven’t read it yet.
  5. Men Explain Things to Me – Rebecca Solnit:  This is a nonfiction book, written on the topic of mansplaining, and while I’ve had a bit of experience with this, I’m interested to see where this book goes and what I can learn from it.
  6. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – Rebecca Skloot:  I have heard so much about this, have owned it for at least 2 years.  As with all of these books, I want to get to this soon, but I’m still  making no promises!
  7. Snow Like Ashes – Sara Raasch:  The main reason I haven’t read this yet is because I’m avoiding a lot of first books in a trilogy/series so that I don’t  have to rush out and buy the sequels, but I was really interested in this when I bought it, so I might give in soon…
  8. The Quantum and the Lotus –  Matthieu Ricard, Trinh Xuan Thuan:  I have started this book, and already knew that it would be something that I read over time, but I haven’t picked it up in awhile, so it might be time to give this book a little love.  It’s nonfiction, and about the connections between  science and religion; specifically between science and Buddhism.
  9. Tandem – Anna Jarzab:  This was in my first ever BookOutlet Haul, and I didn’t know when I purchased it that it was the beginning of a trilogy, so much like Snow Like Ashes, I have put this off but really want to get to it relatively soon.
  10. Death By Black Hole – Neil deGrasse Tyson:  I am HUGELY interested in outer space, the universe, the possibility of a multiverse, etc., and so I am really looking forward to this nonfiction book, all about black holes and other “mysterious” things about outer space.


Ok all; thanks so much for reading!  Let me know what you all are reading, and what you think about these books if you’ve heard of/read them!

See you all in the next one!


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books that Have Been On my Shelves Forever & Haven’t Read

  1. Oh goodness… I could fill one hundred posts on this topic 😀 Great choice.

    I was recently asked by someone which book had been sitting in my TBR stack the longest… I think it’s a biography of the Mitford Sisters – it’s huge, when I tried to find the catalogue info (I did a TBR spreadsheet last year because the stack was so out-of-control), I discovered that the book had been republished under a new title (!) and, after possibly 15 years, I still haven’t read it. But I will 😀


    1. I think my main holdout for A Deeper Love Inside is that it’s written from Porsche’s (the little sister) point of view, and I don’t really remember connecting with her when I was reading TCWE.
      I’m really looking forward to Perks of Being A Wallflower and Quiet – I just need to make myself read them. And I’ve heard good things about Snow Like Ashes; I’m excited about it.
      Thanks for reading!


  2. The Only One I’ve read here is Snow Like Ashes (The Perks of Being a Wallflower has been on my shelved for forever too!) and I didn’t like it all that much. I hope you do, though, and that you like it more than I did.


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